Buna Health Care Facility

No Roads Foundation's primary work has been to inject health and educational professionals into remote areas of PNG to support local health care workers and teachers, and where required, provide infrastructure and resources to ensure we are building capacity and not replacing it.  

All of our projects have one main objective.  To work in a spirit of collaboration and undertake projects in remote areas that improve the lives of disadvantaged people by building community capacity. 

What an incredible experience for our healthcare workers who were in Buna for the opening of a new classroom and health care centre. This has been a big project of the No Roads Foundation and to see them opened and functional is something we are so proud of. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this a reality! You are changing the lives of the people of Papua New Guinea!

Start Date
19 Sep 19
Estimated Completion
19 Sep 20
Estimated Cost
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