Golo Water Project Indonesia

Near the north-west coast of the island of Flores, Indonesia is a small village of 1750 people called Golo. Each day, women, children and the elderly would walk for 2 hours to a neighboring village to obtain potable water. During the dry season, large crowds would form at this single watering hole for hours, waiting their turn for 10-12 litres of water. They would then return home, only to walk back the next day for more water.

This community asked the No Roads Foundation if we could help dig a well in Golo. During the process for funding, the community in Golo undertook the digging of an 80 meter well to the water table. However, Golo did not have the remaining funds to reinforce the well, pipe it and draw the water from the bottom of the well.

The No Roads Foundation is proud to announce that it has approved the funding of this project. This project was completed within two months of approval. The people of Golo are able to obtain potable water from a well in their village for the first time. This was a great project to be part of, with a community that is obviously committed to the health and wellbeing of its citizens.


Start Date
29 May 20
Estimated Completion
04 Aug 20
Estimated Cost

Project Updates

Image of  Golo Water Project Housing For Pump Complete
24 Jun 20

Golo Water Project Housing For Pump Complete

The housing for the diesel pump engine is complete and the concrete is poured and setting for the dam that will capture the freshwater from 80 meters below the surface.

Golo is doing a great job getting this project complete.

Image of  Golo Water Project Dam Construction Begins
23 Jun 20

Golo Water Project Dam Construction Begins

Excitement has now spread through Golo village in Indonesia. The dam has started to be constructed. This dam will hold water like a reservoir so that several people can access water at the same time rather than waiting for water to come directly from the well itself.

The residents of Golo are doing a great job for their community and their children.

Image of  Golo Water Project Cement and Pipes Arrive In Village
18 Jun 20

Golo Water Project Cement and Pipes Arrive In Village

Today, the much-awaited cement and pipes arrived in Golo. This was held up due to poor weather. As you can see the "road" into Golo is very rudimentary and any rain makes the journey even more difficult.

Next stage is building the dam and inserting pipe work.

Image of  Golo Water Project Diesel Engine Delivered
17 Jun 20

Golo Water Project Diesel Engine Delivered

Today, the diesel engine for the Golo Water project was delivered to the Kepala Desa (Head of the Village) Pak Nikolaus Ganus. The man presenting the engine is Pak Florianus Mbakang who is the No Roads Foundation representative for this project.

The village has also started on building the dam and housing for the engine.

Due to poor weather conditions the cement, pipe and steel rods have been delayed in transit but should arrive any day now to reinforce the sides of the 80 meter well wall.

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