• Supporting Communities

    While we educate and train the local workforce, communities also need adequate facilities to provide a service long after we are gone.

Current Infrastructure Projects

Image of  Utukwarf School

Utukwarf School

Jordanna Muddle turned her birthday into a party with a purpose, raising funds to buy a chainsaw so the people in the remote village could mill the timber themselves.

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Image of  Golo Water Project Indonesia

Golo Water Project Indonesia

A 2 hour walk for 20 litres of water every day is now a thing of the past for the small village of Golo in Flores, Indonesia.

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Image of  LAWKHA Irrigation and Fence Program

LAWKHA Irrigation and Fence Program

To construct a fence to protect crops from buffalo and other animals, and build a hydraulic pump and field irrigation system.

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Image of  Tufi District VHV/VBA Transit House

Tufi District VHV/VBA Transit House

Many of the volunteers travelling to the Tufi Health Centre on a regular basis to work and train had no safe accommodation. Working with communities, we answered their needs.

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Image of  Buna Health Care Facility

Buna Health Care Facility

Improving the health and educational infrastructure in remote communities

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