Support Tufi Village Health Volunteer (VHV) Association

In 2017, we met with elders of each community in the Tufi district and asked them to select two males and two females to undertake VHV training. Community leaders were enthusiastic about developing skills within their local communities and carefully selected candidates.

We returned the next week in dinghies to collect participants and by the time we returned to Tufi, the boats were overloaded with eager participants who were ready to undertake training in basic first aid and maternal health.

The initial training was conducted by two doctors, two midwives, Jo (Registered Nurse) and Stewart. Our schedule was to conduct one hour sessions with breaks, however this cohort of passionate students quickly convinced us to continue without breaks to enable them to undertake as much training as we could facilitate in the two days allocated.

We returned again in August 2018 for a follow up session and were delighted to find out that a number of the VHV’s that trained, were working daily in the Tufi Health Clinic supporting the staff health care workers.

In May 2019 we opened the VHV’s accommodation house which we built to provide volunteers in outlying villages a place to stay while working in the health centre, further developing and consolidating their skills. Under their own initiative, they have formed their own association with elected officials and are now in the process of drafting a constitution and opening a bank account. No Roads Expeditions Foundation is committed to supporting the growth of this association by providing mentoring to committee members, policy and governance advice and seed funding.

Start Date
11 May 19
Estimated Completion
31 Dec 25
Estimated Cost
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