Utukwarf School

In 2018, young Queensland girl Jordanna Muddle decided that she wanted to have a party with a purpose.  Rather than receiving presents, she asked her friends to donate money to help her raise money to buy a chainsaw and equipment for a remote village in PNG.  Why?  So they could learn how to mill the timber needed to build the classrooms in the remote villages themselves.

Jordanna's parents contacted NREF who arranged for the purchase of the chainsaw, delivery to the village, and training and safety briefings for the community members.  After some technical difficulties, the community set about finishing the classroom at the Utukwarf School, which prior to the donation, was an empty shell of a building with a roof.

Jordanna and her family will be traveling to the village of Utukwarf in remote PNG with the No Roads Foundation in January 2020 to formally open one of the first of these classrooms.  They are continuing to raise funds to obtain resources for the school.


Start Date
01 Jun 19
Estimated Completion
20 Jan 20
Estimated Cost
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